Many of our clients ask about purchasing property, but with little enough time available during their holiday to ski and relax with friends and family, often the last thing they want to do is spend time on the internet or phone narrowing the search and arranging inspections.

Researching property in Verbier:

Navigating through over a dozen estate agent websites to find suitable properties;

Understanding which properties the individual is eligible to buy;

Dealing with several agents who each provide access to only a narrow section of the market;

Coordinating appointments with each of these agents so as to inspect only appropriate properties in quick time;

Getting to know the value of property in Verbier;

Understanding the rental options and income as financing of the property may be predicated upon rental.

Unfortunately, in Switzerland, not all properties are available for purchase by foreigners. There is, however, a provision for the purchase of property by foreigners so long as the property in question has what is known as an “Étrangère”. This is a permission which is granted to the property.

Our Services

Once we know the purchaser’s criteria we can:

  • Search all available and suitable properties in Verbier and provide a shortlist;
  • Coordinate inspection of properties at times that are convenient to the purchaser;
  • Provide a brief analysis of each property including:
    • Price comparison
    • Location
    • Rental potential in relation to the market
  • Advise where, in the Bramble Ski portfolio, the property would fit, be it Classic, Luxe, or in our Haute Montagne range;
  • Advise on the level of demand for similar premises;
  • The rental income that could be expected;
  • Advise on any alterations required to maximise the rental income such as:
    • Interior layout
    • Configuration of bedrooms
    • Facilities (hot tub, sauna, gym etc.)
  • Assist with the transaction through our network of preferred partners.


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